Entensys releases new update for KinderGate Parental Control

Entensys announces release of new KinderGate Parental Control 3.1. The solution is designed as Internet filter for end users such as home users or educational institutions. The solution uses the most modern filtering mechanisms that provide highest filtering accuracy among similar solutions and minimum false positives according to many independent studies. KinderGate is able to proceed and block the whole domains as well as specific pages by analyzing its content. Also KinderGate features Ad Blocker to display web pages without contextual advertising.

The new version mostly features improved performance of Internet filtering and filtering HTTPs traffic. Nowadays many Internet services, such as Google and Facebook, automatically switch users to work via secure protocol. That is why it's essential for any modern Internet filtering solution to be able to proceed SSL correctly. In previous versions of KinderGate, HTTPs traffic was manually-activated. New version features automatic installation of CA certificate to trusted root certifacates store in order to filter HTTPs traffic.

Also new version of KinderGate features improved performance of web filtering mechanisms along with most popular antivirus solutions. Operation speed is improved as well, and installation package size is decreased. Filtering mechanisms algorithms are enhanced once again what makes filtering accuracy increase up to 99,7-99,9 percent.