Deep Content Inspection (DCI)

What is Deep Content Inspection (DCI)?

KinderGate Parental Control features Deep Content Inspection (DCI) function that enables a better protection from unwanted online factors. DCI is a network filtering feature that examines actual content instead of examining individual or multiple packets. Using Morphological Analysis mechanism, DCI checks a web page for unwanted content. Morhological Analysis provides intelligent filtering with most popular languages morphology support, this way KinderGate examines content not only for certain word groups but their different variations as well. Users can enable the feature to check for such categories, as "Bad Words", "Drugs", "Suicide", "Terrorism", "Pornography', "Gambling".

Why is it better than regular content filtering mechanisms?

You can never be one hundred percent sure what materials the offered website contains, so even if it's considered as an educational resource it might appear to contain harmful content such as pornography, violence, suicide or drug related information, etc. The only way to make sure a webpage is trustworthy is to go through it, but obviously it's impossible without seeing it.

So that's what KinderGate does for you in the most quick and gentle way. Before the page is even displayed KinderGate goes through the webpage and examines its content for various words and regular expressions and their variations in a supported languages.

Morphology Analysis settings in KinderGate Parental Control 3.0

Morphologyical Analysis settings in KinderGate Parental Control 3.0

Morpholical Analysis dictionaries are updated on a regular basis and, moreover, you can easily create custome dictionary or customize the existing ones.