KinderGate for schools

Why do schools need KinderGate Parental Control?

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a modern school or a college without Internet access that makes lessons way more interesting and useful for students. But  using information resources and the Internet by faculty and students implies permanent risks of infecting workstations with viruses from malicious websites visited by accident via links from search engines. Besides, users often do not suspect that they are being tricked via email. Viruses that infect computer systems may become a huge problem for schools and universities administrators. 

Moreover there is a whole range of national and international regulations, such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) in the US or Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) in the UK. Violating these restrictions by an educational institution in a particular number of countries can even lead to administrative and criminal liability. KinderGate Parental Control keeps students away from harmful content and educational institutions compliant with today’s regulations and laws while making Internet access still useful and entertaining.

KinderGate Parental Control 3.0 is officially compliant to government rules and regulations such as CIPA (USA) and IWF (UK).

How does it work?

Using a full range of different filtering mechanisms KinderGate provides users with accurate and reliable protection. KinderGate makes web browsing safe by using such mechanisms as safe search, morphological analysis, blocker of contextual ads, etc. Safe search blocks unwanted requests and cannot be disabled unless a special password is entered and also the tool uses a large database of 500 million websites that allows to deny access to certain categories of dangerous resources. Morphological analysis feature checks the content by such categories as "Pornography", "Bad words", "Gambling" and etc. Moreover the tool allows to monitor the history of visited internet resources.

Also KinderGate Parental Control has a tool for blocking annoying contextual advertisement, such as banners and enormous popups, this way KinderGate leaves only useful and worthful information that is actually needed. And what is also important morphological analysis mechanism allows to block not the whole domain but only those pages with unwanted content. This way, for example, it's still possible to watch necessary videos on YouTube while KinderGate will block only the pages with dangerous content.

To read more about KinderGate features go to Features.