I am impressed with the software

I have two daughters aged nine and twelve and KinderGate is ideal for preventing accidentally accessing an offensive site. Even a seemingly innocent word such as “gay” I imagine brings up material that is not suitable for children and frankly I don’t want to see myself.

Thank you for your help.

Justin Scott, Melbourne, Australia

My wife and I just loved your program. Our kids are at that age when we need strict and reliable control over their computer usage. Other programs like this don’t have the same level of functionality and flexibility of settings that Kindergate Parental Control offers (we had NetPolice before). It has got reasonable price, simple setup, and high level of control – what else might be needed? We wish you every success in the future!

Alex, TX 

The main advantage of this program is that I can have control over the time my child spends online. Now I’m absolutely sure that homework’s getting done.

Anastasia, MN

My impression of KinderGate

I want to share my impression of using this software. I have two kids and only one computer. Now leaving to work I have great peace of mind, as I know for sure that my kids live a real life rather than a virtual one. And what is even more important is that the results of regular battles over the computer such as bruises, scratches, hair pulling and ripped clothes have gone. Thank you so much.


Pacifica, CA

We installed Kindergate Parental Control with just one aim – monitoring our son’s record of his online chatting with his friends. An apparent advantage of this program is that we can go through messages from Skype, ICQ and QIP. Now I know who he is chatting to, what they are discussing and who he is hanging out with, and I feel a lot calmer these days

Marta G, Canada 

We made the Internet boring for our son

As I think of myself as an advanced user, I have tried setting up both built-in parental control functions and other similar software. But the young programmer in our family somehow kept on finding a way round Internet access restrictions. Only Kindergate was able to save us. Now our son spends more time on his homework than the computer. It seems like he’s bored of the Internet now!

Jean-Pier, Marseille 

Now we know whether it’s studying or not

Actually we’ve installed this program so that we could know what sites our son visits, and how much time he is spending for them. We had a slightly different problem: our son used to tell us he was studying and writing a paper, but it appeared he was spending his time on social networks. Neither persuading or banning him helped, it just made things worse. Of course, they’re all “old enough to make their own decisions” about how they spend their time. But their progress at school just goes downhill. We came to a compromise:  we installed Kindergate so I could see how much time he spends “web surfing to write a paper”, and how much time he chats with friends on Facebook. Now he feels us controlling his Internet usage so his school progress is slowly but improving.



Even though I had heard about similar programs before, I wasn’t interested, so I came across the Entensys site on accident. I read the information. And I realized I had a problem to solve. I decided to try out the new software. So here is the result – I am happy with everything, easy setup, wide range of functions, attractive price especially comparing to other similar software. I’m more than happy.

Bob Nilan, DE

Thanks to KinderGate for our son is safe

My husband and I are constantly at work and our son is either at an after-school club or at home absolutely alone and sitting at the computer of course. We’ve never known what he does during his free time, what sites he is on, who he is chatting to. Nowadays safe Internet is a big issue and it’s discussed a lot in the media, so we read about all these horrific and terrifying things and started to consider the way we could solve the problem. We installed one of the parental control programs (Kindergate Parental Control). I have much greater peace of mind now that I know who my son is hanging out with. And I was pleasantly surprised with the price.

Catherine M,

Denver, CO 

The best solution ever

I work for an IT company myself, and I know what goes up on the Internet today. My son is not even 10 yet, but he already knows what a task manager is and how to switch off the built-in firewall so that he could visit the sites boys of his age are curious about. We set up Kindergate and were pleasantly surprised: the problem of his online curiosity was solved.


Bloomington, IL

We have a very active son, so we’ve always had a problem with computer games and monitoring his activities online. It’s become even more of a problem in recent years with him being a teenage, you know. I used to walk in, and see him sitting at the computer with some adult photos on the screen. When I asked him about them, he always answered: “it popped up itself”. As a caring mother, this situation always bothered me. We decided to try Kindergate, and everyone’s happy now, well, except of our son maybe, but it’s all for his good.

Pam H.